Indonesia Showcases Sustainable Products in World`s Largest Agricultural Expo

Indonesia Showcases Sustainable Products in World`s Largest Agricultural Expo

Global | IDX Channel | Selasa, 27 Februari 2024 - 08:56

IDXChannel - Indonesia participated in the Salon International de lAgriculture (SIA), one of the world\'s largest agricultural exhibitions. The opening of the exhibition was held in Paris on 24 February.

Indonesia\'s representation at the 60th edition of SIA included several Indonesian companies that have implemented sustainable principles and possess geographical indication certificates.

Indonesia\'s participation in this event was successful due to the close collaboration between the Directorate General of America and Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with support from the Indonesian Embassy in Paris and Indonesian business entities committed to the significance of sustainable agriculture.

"Through this event, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed to enhance the visibility and presence of Indonesia\'s sustainable agricultural products, providing them access to a broader international market," the Ministry stated in a media release, Monday (26/2/2024).

The showcased organic agricultural products at the Indonesian booth in SIA included coffee, cocoa, tea, spices, and various organic products. In addition to promoting Indonesian agricultural products, the participants from Indonesia also highlighted their ongoing efforts to implement sustainable farming practices to the French public.

Since its first edition in 1964, SIA has not only served as a platform to showcase flagship products but also as an arena for networking in the business and strengthening research in the agro-industry sector.
In the previous year, SIA attracted 615,204 visitors and 40,000 professionals, including international business delegations in the agribusiness sector. Approximately 1,100 exhibitors from France and abroad participated in SIA this year. (WHY)

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