Indonesia Eyes Stronger Agricultural Cooperation with Western Australia

Indonesia Eyes Stronger Agricultural Cooperation with Western Australia

Global | IDX Channel | Selasa, 13 Februari 2024 - 14:31

IDXChannel - The Indonesian Consulate General in Perth participated in a local product introduction event hosted by the Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA) on 10 February.

In her address, Indonesian Consul General Listiana Operananta expressed appreciation for the development of agricultural research relations and cooperation between Indonesia and Western Australia that are complementary and mutually reinforcing.

"It was emphasised that Western Australia, with its technological advantages, can provide significant support for the development of Indonesia\'s agricultural sector. On the other hand, Indonesia, with its growing startup sector, offers potential cooperation for businesses in Western Australia, not only in agriculture but also in agritourism," the Consulate General stated in a media release.

The event aimed to promote the Food Innovation Precinct WA (FIPWA) as the first agricultural innovation research centre in Western Australia, while celebrating the 2024 Chinese New Year celebration. FIPWA itself was inaugurated in February 2023 with a focus on the development of a strong and dynamic food and beverage manufacturing sector.

In the field of agriculture, the Consulate General has initiated cooperation with FIPWA since 2022 by collaborating with SEAFAST IPB. This collaboration has then expanded into a regional cooperation involving New Zealand and Singapore, with the initiative planned to be officially inaugurated on 23 February.

The importance of cultural understanding in business activities between Indonesia and Western Australia was also highlighted. This emphasises that sustainable cooperation should not only consider technical aspects but also cultural and social aspects. With this collaborative initiative, it is expected to create a strong partnership between Indonesia and Western Australia in facing global challenges in agriculture and food technology. (WHY)

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