Is the New Version PS5 CFI-1100 Really Worse Than the Launch Model?

Is the New Version PS5 CFI-1100 Really Worse Than the Launch Model?

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Sony has recently released a newer model class of the PS5, namely the CFI-1100. However, Sony didnt bother publicizing or promoting their updated machines, just like with the PS4 in previous years. Perhaps, in Sonys perspective, there arent really too many major differences to highlight between the CFI-1000 and CFI-1100. There are, in fact, some variations between the two models, which we will discuss thoroughly.

Although there are no visible overhauls on the exterior of the new CFI-1100, it has been significantly altered on the inside. According to tech Youtuber Austin Evans, the new PS5 model is about 300 grams lighter. This reduction in mass is largely contributed to the changes in the cooling system, specifically the heatsink. Evans also noted that the heatsink shrinkage has caused the PS5 to run much hotter than usual, prompting him to conclude that the new model is significantly worse. Whether or not the heating issue is a case of manufacturing variance is still up to debate. Other than that, however, the CFI-1000 and CFI-1100 run identically, drawing similar amounts of power in the tests. Of course, this begs a very legitimate question: why did Sony make the change?


The most obvious answer is to cut costs in shipping. A 300-gram decrease will make a huge difference when transporting millions of consoles around the world. However, cooling system modifications usually occur when processers are transferred into a new technology or hardware, which is not the case in this scenario. Many reviewers have contacted Sony to answer this seemingly simple question but to no avail.

Proceeding Evans review, Richard Leadbetter also evaluated the performance of the new model with the launch model. In short, he concluded that the machines are practically the same. Furthermore, no noticeable sound or temperature difference between the two models can be identified. If the new cooling assembly was not up to the task, the fan would be increasing in speed and volume to expel the build-up of heat, writes Leadbetter. This does not seem to be happening and hours on, the power draw is still consistent too.

As a recap, the new PS5 model has experienced a minor tweak in the cooling system that may or may not cause the machine to run hotter. All of us normal users will most likely never notice any changes or should be too concerned about them.

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