Teguh Dartanto: Education Must Set Humans as the Real Humans

Teguh Dartanto: Education Must Set Humans as the Real Humans

Gaya Hidup | netralnews.com | Kamis, 22 September 2022 - 02:31

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Teguh Dartanto, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Indonesia, has become a speaker at the prestigious Nobel Prize Dialogue Singapore 2022 event.

As one of the panelists in the Education & Future of Youth session, Teguh carries the spirit of transformation and inclusiveness, to encourage the improvement of living standards and create a better future for the world.

Teguh emphasized that the pandemic has driven transformation in the field of education through online learning system that can reach more and more students

"On the other hand, the pandemic has also resulted in learning losses, especially for children from poor families because they do not have internet access, access to good learning materials, and the teaching system in the digital era is not yet adequate," Teguh said in a press release received in Jakarta, on Wednesday (09/21/2022).

In this session, Teguh also said that education must set humans into real humans. Therefore, education must teach basic skills as humans, namely: skills to solve problems, skills to interact with others, skills to become resilient individuals, skills to understand a truth (curiosity and social awareness), and skills to provide social impact.

The Nobel Prize Dialoque was held in Singapore, Tuesday (09/13/2022), with the theme \'The Future We Want Together.\'

At the peak session, the evening panel discussion, Teguh, together with 4 Nobel winners and 1 professor from the University of Cambridge discussed 6 main issues: our digital future, wellbeing in the face of climate change, economic wellbeing, education and the future of youth, health after the pandemic, and pursuit of happiness.

Teguh said that scientists and academics in the event faced a common challenge regarding how to make a better future, and what can be done to improve the standard of living of the global community.

The dialogue is a series of discussions that explore the best path to a world of equitable prosperity. The event is an open, cross-disciplinary gathering that brings together a unique constellation of Nobel Prize winners, world-leading scientists, policymakers, and thought leaders to discuss global issues that affect the entire global communities, among others.

"In our session, we discussed several issues, including how the differences in education in Asia-Pacific are, how the world of education can learn from experience during the Covid-19 pandemic, and also whether education needs to move beyond the facts of learning," Teguh said.

He said this is in accordance with the transformation that is being carried out by his party, both in terms of institutions, science, and intellectual moral standardization. With the transformation, the Economy and Business Faculty at UI is expected to be able to oversee the challenges of transforming the national economy in the future. The Faculty of Economy and Business at UI is determined to continue to strive to educate prospective national business and economic leaders who understand the values of Inclusive, Relevant, and Reputable.

With these three reference values, according to Teguh, the graduates and academics that are produced will be ready to face a much faster wave of change in the future.

According to Teguh, the international dialogue has a vision that is in line with Faculty of Economy and Business at UI, where the faculty wants to produce graduates who have the ability to always produce relevant solutions to various problems, and uphold inclusive values that highly value diversity and pluralism, while also always maintain integrity and credibility.

"Given that the world moves with full of uncertainty, the complexity of the Indonesian economy and business world today requires economists and businessmen to have a more inclusive, integrative, flexible and interdisciplinary perspective and think."

On the other hand, Teguh\'s presence in the event proved that the Faculty of Economy and Business at UI\'s great contribution as the oldest academic institution in Economics and Business in Indonesia is recognized internationally. Moreover, Teguh\'s track record in the academic world is very positive.

Prior to serving as Dean of Faculty of Economy and Business at UI, Teguh was entrusted as Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Economics, and Director of the Bachelor of Economics Program at the same faculty.

As the director of the undergraduate program, Teguh introduced the concept of semi-liberal art education to prepare students to be more adaptive, resilient, and innovative in the era of disruption.

Teguh is also one of the authors of the book "The era of disruption to the opportunities and challenges of Indonesian higher education".

His expertise lies in development economics, poverty and social protection, and health economics. Teguh\'s research results have been published in various journals, including The Lancet, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, Energy Policy, Tobacco Control, World Development Perspectives, and Applied Health Economics and Health Policy.

Apart from being active in the academic world, Teguh is also involved in various organizations. Teguh is Indonesia Representative on the Regulatory Agency for Economic Research Institutes for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), vice president of ABEST21 (international accreditation organization), member of the Indonesian Academy of Young Sciences, and 2017 Eisenhower Fellow.

Teguh earned his Ph.D. in international development from Nagoya University, Japan, in 2012.

At the 2022 Nobel Prize Dialogue, several Nobel Prize winners were also present. Among them were Steven Chu, winner of physics 1997; Angus Deaton, winner of economics 2015; Esther Duflo, winner of economics 2019; Serge Haroche, 2012 physics winner; May-Britt Moser, 2014 medicine winner; Paul Romer, 2018 winner of economics; Kailash Satyarthi, 2014 peace winner; and George Smooth, 2006 physics winner.

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