Contoh Narrative Text Beserta Generic Structure-nya

Contoh Narrative Text Beserta Generic Structure-nya

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JAKARTA, iNews.id - Kamu pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan contoh narrative text. Narrative text merupakan teks yang menceritakan rangkaian peristiwa secara kronologis atau saling terhubung.

Fungsi narrative text adalah untuk menghibur pembaca. Ada banyak jenis narrative text, seperti fairy tale, folktale/folklore, legend, myth, science fiction, romance story, horror stories, fable, history, slice of life, dan personal experience.

Untuk lebih jelasnya, kamu bisa menyimak penjelasan tentang contoh narrative text beserta generic structure-nya.

Contoh Narrative Text

Sebelum membahas tentang contoh narrative text, kamu harus terlebih dahulu mengetahui generic structure of narrative text.

Generic structure narrative text merupakan beberapa tahapan yang biasanya digunakan dalam membuat sebuah cerita atau narrative teks.
Generic structure of narrative text adalah:

1. Orientation

Paragraf awal yang berisi tentang perkenalan para tokoh yang terlibat dalam suatu kejadian atau cerita. Selain itu, bagian ini juga berisi tempat kejadian dan waktu kejadian.

2. Complication

Terdiri atas paragraf yang menjelaskan tentang awal mula peristiwa atau kejadian. Awal mula peristiwa tersebut menjadi rentetan alur cerita yang kemudian berlanjut pada konflik, klimaks serta anti klimaks.

3. Resolution

Merupakan bagian akhir cerita dimana pada bagian ini berisi penyelesaian.

4. Re-orientation

Sebenarnya, bagian ini tidak wajib ada dalam narrative text. Namun, umumnya kalimat dalam paragraf ini akan menceritakan tentang kondisi terakhir dari tokoh dalam cerita, atau bisa juga berisi tentang pelajaran dan pesan moral yang dapat diambil oleh pembaca dari cerita tersebut.

Berikut ini contoh narrative text yang bisa kamu pelajari.

1. The Legend of Salatiga


Many years ago there was a very honest sunan. He taught people about the meaning of life and about religion, he is known as Sunan Kalijaga. He traveled to spread his precious lesson.
One day, Sunan Kalijaga arrived at a village. Sunan went to the village chiefs house. Then Sunan Kalijaga asked for a job without telling his real name. The wife of the chief said he could help cut the grass. Sunan Kalijaga started working by cutting grass to feed the chiefs horses.


Soon, the chief of the village realized that his employee was Sunan Kalijaga. The chief was extremely surprised. Then he decided to follow the lesson of Sunan Kalijaga.

To follow the lesson of Sunan Kalijaga, the chief had to leave everything behind. But the wife didnt agree so she brought her jewelry in bamboo.

When the three of them were taking a rest in a village, a robber approached and took everything from the wife of the chief. Sunan said that this village would be full of people and really busy.


Then Sunan named the place Salatiga which means three wrong people. The three wrong people were the chief, his wife, and also the robber who loves collecting things.
And now, this village is known as Salatiga.

2. The Sleeping Beauty


Once upon a time there was a king and queen who for a very long time had no children, and when at length a little daughter was born to them they were so pleased that they gave a christening feast to which they invited a number of fairies.


But, unfortunately, they left out one rather old fairy, and she was so angry that she said the princess should die when she reached the age of sixteen, by pricking her hand with a spindle.

All the other fairies present, except one, had already given the princess their beautiful gifts, and this last one said she could not prevent part of the wicked wish coming true; but her gift should be that the princess should not really die, but only fall into a deep sleep, which should last for a hundred years, and at the end of that time she should be awakened by a kings son.

It all happened as the fairies had predicted. When the princess was sixteen years old she saw an old woman spinning and took the spindle from her to try this strange new work.

Instantly she pricked her hand and fell into a deep sleep, as did everyone else in the palace.
There she lay in a bower of roses, year after year, and the hedge around the palace garden grew so tall and thick that at last you could not have told that there was a castle at all.


At the end of the hundred years a kings son heard of the castle and the enchanted princess who lay asleep there and determined to rescue her.
So he cut his way through the thick prickly hedge and at length he came to the princess.

When he saw how lovely and how sweet she looked he fell in love with her and, stooping, kissed her lips.
At once she awoke and with her the king and queen and all the courtiers, who had fallen asleep at the same time.

As the princess was as much taken with the princes appearance as he was with hers, they decided to be married. And so the wedding was celebrated the same day with great pomp and ceremony.

Itulah beberapa contoh narrative text beserta generic structure-nya yang bisa kamu pelajari. Selamat belajar.

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